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VO2 max
(A Boxing & MMA Workshop)

  Have you ever been curious how the most well conditioned athletes in the world train? Now’s your chance to train like a pro!

  VO2 max is a boxing and MMA (mixed martial arts) workshop made up of 3 separate levels consisting of 8 weeks each. A beginning, intermediate and an advance workshop that will teach you the basic fundamentals of boxing and MMA along with the workouts it takes to be conditioned in both sports. This class is guaranteed to make you sweat, and build stronger, leaner muscles. Whether your preferred sport is golf, tennis, or football, this workshop will dramatically improve your game! Find out what your VO2 max is…
(VO2 max) is the maximum amount of ventilation and oxygen your body can consume during an intense workout)

  VO2 max is an eight week program that consist of two sessions a week 1 hour each. Coaching the workshop will be World Contender Professional Boxer Franchesca Alcanter and Paul Berrian who has 12 years MMA experience. Both are also certified personal trainers.

  Coming soon classes will be on
  • Tuesdays 10:00am and 6:00pm
  • Saturdays 11.am

  Get an official Ringside gym bag filled with Ringside boxing gloves, hand wraps, water bottle, t-shirt, boxing glove keychain, and a Ringside Catalogue with an 8 week package. These can also be purchased separately (Contents in gym bag are necessary for class. Hand wraps and boxing gloves are mandatory tools.) Get 15% off the full 24 week package $ 200 savings.

  One on one private lessons are also available from our certified pros.
  Sign up at KC Fit Foods inside Gold’s Gym Merriam
      Gold’s Gym
      6501 S. Frontage Rd.
      Merriam, KS 66202 913-722-2001